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I have guided my life by my passion for creating, distributing and selling all types of art.

Team player who does not give up until he reaches his goals. Cheerful, with an easy way with words and ability for sales and project positioning.

Experienced in managing marketing and audiovisual production teams. I seek to constantly grow in the area of entertainment business, organization and execution of digital strategies, as well as audiovisual and event production.

Short Films



The famous speech therapist Arthur Svern is put on trial, accused of what? The suicide of 25 of his patients in the last 3 years.

Naipes is a psychological thriller that seeks to touch on social issues that are still taboo in Mexican society. This book is a clash of forces between two characters who expose their intentions through a trial full of emotion and revelations.

Winner of “Premio a Revelación Literaria 2018, delivered by Elena Poniatowska in Palacio de Bellas Artes.
Chosen for the International Book Fair of the Tecnológico de Monterrey

The book is currently being adapted into a play.

Event Producer

For this Festival we gathered 10 short films from different filmmakers in the country to be enjoyed in an outdoor and controlled environment, as well as broadcast live for youtube, because, as we were still in a pandemic, we could not allow more than 15 people to enter.

With this festival we reached an audience of 500+ viewers at the same time; besides being able to broadcast with audio and video on digital platforms. 

For this event, I managed all the social media presence and sales to fill an autocinema in Estado de México.

5 Bands + 5 Short Films were showed to an audience of 35 cars and 75+ people.


Contact me on
+52 1 55 3504 7092